I am nobody, but a wayfarer, only a simple traveler,
My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
Traveling all along the footsteps of my Teacher (SAWS),
For I have to, in time, reach the destination promised by MY

Friday, May 23, 2014

A gift of Destiny..

Why does life show the unexpected suddenly?
Why does it not ever run smoothly?
Why does one have to accept the unacceptable?
Why are things never ever predictable?
Life doesn't show unexpected if you expect nothing from the Creation
It would run forever smoothly if Taqwa is your strongest emotion
Nothing is unacceptable if you believe that Allaah gives for a reason
Predictable should be a believer's faith that Allaah takes away for a reason!

Belief in Allaah is complete when confusions make it stronger
That faith of a believer alone makes one to Allaah dearer
Trials erupt and end, afflictions come and go
Patience in such trying times makes Eemaan grow

After miles of treading the barren lands
Sticking to the Guidance, Adhering to His Commands
When a believer is confronted with yet another calamity
Its a gift of Destiny, another test from the Almighty

... UmmHashiR

Friday, May 02, 2014

"Dreams of Sand"

Lonely soul on a lonely land
I stood looking at the castles on sand
Those tiny hands that shaped those structures
Were far from the reality of some dreaded creatures

As I looked at those creative monuments
There flashed in my mind few bygone moments
Of how my eyes had dreams of building such castles
Those fairy-tale efforts of  winning through all hassles

But alas! Again and again rebuilt that structure
A dying hope I tried endlessly to protect and nurture
Little I thought how foolish I had been to shape with my hand
A castle so close to my heart, a dream-dwelling made-up of sand!

The sea of destiny doesn't foretell its upcoming tide
The waters of time are too powerful to let the homeless hide
Destined to be destroyed, now or later, are these sandy houses
To be washed away by a dawn are the dreams of such sleepy lashes!

~ UmmHashir Firdaus

Saturday, March 15, 2014

For a change...

As time changes and days flip by, people somehow change
Their priorities in life, they simply choose to rearrange!
With time, of course, situations differ and necessities alter
Very few are the similarities which then and now matter
A passer-by who befriended then and left with a happy face
Is surprised while crossing the same path in a steady race
Strange it is how things change, this transformation is so huge
That the accommodation which it was, is now only a refuge!
Of these changes and ranges many a story remains untold
Like a wayfarer, a traveller - a stranger in this strange world!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Oh Allaah, help us to always LIVE Ramadhan (Farewell to Ramadhan)...

Ya Allaah! The excitement in the air, the longing in the heart
Oh what a feeling it was, waiting for this month to start!

Countdown of  months, weeks, days and hours 
For the month in which Your Blessings and Mercy showers

On the 29th of shaban that anticipation to sight the moon
Then a 24 hour desperate wait to enter Ramadhan soon..

Those resolutions to become better Muslims, to sincerely repent
To be the followers of Sunnah, dutiful to You, Oh Allaah, and obedient..

This was the month for which whole year we had been waiting 
Right from the moment it ended, painful was its parting

Hoped to utilize it completely and extract the essence 
Wished to be drenched in Your mercy in its presence

Those fasts which let us experience the life of poverty
That hunger and thirst was but only temporary, Oh Almighty!

That night which is better than months one thousand 
We tried to search, as it does help to make the needed amend

We drew closer to the book, which is the jewel of Ramadhan
Our eyes were moist; our hearts trembled upon understanding the Quran

We admit and we accept that we could do much more
We beg You to accept our ibadaah, to forgive us we implore..

That month-long abstaining from what You otherwise permit
Help us to train ourselves through it that the forbidden we always omit

After reaching the 29th of Ramadhan things truly seem so lacking
We wish to go back to the 1st  and make a new beginning

How we wish we had spent this month in a better way
Stayed up every night praying and slept little during the day

How we wish we had spent more during this month on the needy
And multiplied more our rewards with You, oh Allaah, which are ready

We tried, we really tried to win Your Love, Your Mercy, Your Grace
Accept it from us and Make for us near You, Ya Allaah, a safe place

We are sinners, Ya Afuwwu, and You are The Most Forgiving 
We sin and You love to Forgive, please forgive us, Oh Ever Forgiving!

Our eyes well up with tears when that BEAUTIFUL hadith we recall 
ONE Ramadhan it was that helped one to enter Jannah before a martyr, afterall!

How naive and uncertain we are to see another Month of Mercy!
We beg You to help us live, enter and utilize well the Month of our fancy!

Your slaves long for a Ramadhan which we may spend ideally 
Before our return to You, Ya Allaah, bless us with one really

With a very heavy heart we bid farewell to the month of Ramadhan
Oh Allaah, help us to make righteous our lives even outside Ramadhan

Help us, Oh Allaah, to live the life of Ramadhan all through the year
If you cause us to die before another Ramadhan, to You, make us dear

Help us, Oh Allaah, to live a life pleasing You and obeying You always
Make for us the Day of Eid, The Day we meet You, through Your Grace...


~ Umm Hashir (Firdaus)

Friday, August 02, 2013


Kuch Farq zaroor hota hai do ek-jaise halaat me
Gaur karo to pata chale Farq alfaaz me aur baat me

Waise to dono ek jaise hain dekhne walon ke liye
Par Farq tum mehsoos karo andhere me aur raat me

Kisi ki maujoodgi se na parkho nazdeeki ya doori ko
Kyunki Farq bahut hota hai pass hone me aur saath me

Lamhe bhar ke ehsaas se zindagi nahi badli jaati
Farq bahut zyada hota hai khwabon me aur khayalaat me

Waise to ibaadat Allaah hi ki hai dono ki namaz me
Farq phir bhi kitna hai rakha Usne tanha aur jamaat me

Dard jo dilon ke tootne se milta hai badle hue halaat me
Aksar Farq nahi samajh paate hum rishton me aur jazbaat me...

~ Umm Hashir (Firdaus)