I am nobody, but a wayfarer, only a simple traveler,
My journey is this life till I reach the Hereafter..
Traveling all along the footsteps of my Teacher (SAWS),
For I have to, in time, reach the destination promised by MY

Monday, April 24, 2017

Baap - uski MAA hai...

Na satao usey pooch kar wo sawaal jinsey wo anjaan hai 
Usey bas itna pata hai ke uski saari kayenaat uski maa hai

Jis pal wo sehem jaata hai, dar usko jab kisi sey lagta hai
Aanchal mey chip kar usey jo milti hai, wo himmat uski maa hai

Jab maidaan mey kheylte waqt usey haar-jeet ki fikr hoti hai 
Uskey bachpan ko aagey badhati hai, wo taaqat uski maa hai

Zidd pey yun aa jaana, pal bhar mey phir pyaar sey maan jaana
Gussey ko pyaar key aagey bhulaa dena, uski ye aadat uski maa hai

Har aazmaish ko galey lagaaya hai, har waadey ko dil sey nibhaaya hai
Nanhi si umr mey jo usko mili hai, ye fitrat uski maa hai 

Jab dil uska dukhta hai, wo kisi ko kuch keh nahi paata hai
Un sawaalon sey door jaakar jo milti hai usey, wo raahat uski maa hai 

Koi Jo apni zimmedaariyon se munh modh kar zindagi jee raha hai kaheen
Har wo zimmedaari poori jo karti hai, wo soorat uski maa hai 

Rishtey naam se nahi pyaar sey bante hain, farz sey wo poorey hote hain 
Jo Rishta usney khoya hai, shayad uski qeemat uski maa hai 

Aye logon! Usey tang naa karo, usey jeene do - usey ubharney do
Wo khush hai key Rabb ne hai kaha ke uski Jannat uski maa hai



Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Haan, mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai

Reh-reh kar dastak deyta hai maazi, karta hai meri yaadein wo taazi
Par wo kya jaane mujhe sab-kuch yaad hai, uska diya har inaam aaj bhi yaad hai

Na bhula sakega kabhi dil us khanjar-e-aitebaar ko
Wo beybasi ka lamha, mujhe wo ilzaam aaj bhi yaad hai 

Kaise main bhooloon us pal ko jab maine khud ko kho diya tha
Mere dil ke tukdey karta, mujhe wo paighaam aaj bhi yaad hai

Aitebaar ke tinkey taraashna, haqeeqat me khwaab ko talaashna
Wo pagalpan ka aalam, mujhe apna anjaam aaj bhi yaad hai

Mere khwabon ke khilauney ko, meri zindagi ke sawerey ko
Kiya jo usney ghaafil, mujhe wo qissa tamaam aaj bhi yaad hai

Mere masoom farishte se, uskey adhoorey bachpan se
Jo joda tha kabhi usney, mujhe wo rishta-e-beynaam aaj bhi yaad hai

Yaad hai mujhe wo Subah, wo Shaam aaj bhi yaad hai
Ek farebi-sa chehra, mujhe uska naam aaj bhi yaad hai

Mera safar us manzil ki taraf, zindagi ke saahil ki taraf 
Jo haasil-e-hayaat hai mera, mujhe wo muqaam aaj bhi yaad hai!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Life doesn't rewind...

Certain events are mere co-incidences
Few moments are mere condolences
Do not let the darkness defeat your sight
Light up your heart to make things bright
Keep walking your path, do not turn behind
Remember, just remember - life doesn't rewind!

- UmmeHashir 

Friday, January 13, 2017

My Hijab makes me feel empowered

You call me an oppressed degraded soul
You find me an incomplete, shredded whole
Before you force those worthless resolutions
Let me help you clear your assumptions

You pity me for not flaunting my tresses
You abhor me for wearing boring dresses
I cover my head, while my mind is on a spree
I cover my body so modestly that it sets me free!

You casually wear a scarf on a sunny day 
You often use a mask to keep infections away
My attire gives me protection not only from the surroundings
My Hijab also makes me immune to devil's whisperings

You feel that I am deprived of rights and freedom
You sympathize with me through your limited wisdom
But, through my dress code I enjoy unmatched privileges
It gives me a sense of security and has many advantages

You are annoyed when I prove my knowledge, my education
You are unhappy when I am the one to create a win-win situation
I prefer to overlook a position that makes me uncovered in its adherence
Yes, I am working with each breath for the Supreme Obedience

You mock me for covering up, a trend that I carry with pride
You are puzzled that I cover really, or there is something that I hide
My beauty, my charms are truly not for your eyes
I live for eternity, my dear, while here the time just flies

You are so delighted to have stepped on the moon
You are thrilled with all discoveries and would find more soon
Yet you fail to understand that I am travelling towards a Place unseen
My quality of life as a traveler here would crown me there as a Queen.

I am blessed to have found my real worth
I am lucky to have been guided to the Truth
Like a pearl in its shell and peas that are naturally covered
My Hijab is my choice, my right - it makes me feel empowered!

~ Firdaus Fathima 

Sunday, November 06, 2016

...Kuch Bhooli Bisri Tareekhein

Ashkon se bheegi hui saari muskurahatein
Guzre hue kal ki hume mili saughaatein
Dil aaj bhi us dard se dukhta hai
Dil aaj bhi us fard pe rukta hai 

Haan, thi mere dil ki kayi hasratein
Sirf uskey saath ki sadaa thi khwaishein
Jisne ki kabhi meri koi parwah nahi
Jisne ki kabhi tasawwur me bhi sulah nahi

Apne hi andheron me soyi hui wo raatein
Apne hi lafzon me khoyi hui wo baatein
Dil jo bujh chuka to roshni hui nahi
Alfaaz ki khamoshi se wo daastan ruk si gayi

Pathar se kare kaise koi minnatein
Muqaddar se kare kaise koi shikayatein
Mere aaj me jo shaamil nahi hai
Mera wajood ussey kaamil nahi hai

Kuch anchaahi si bechain dhadkanein
Kuch anjaani si betaalluq aahatein
Mujhe kuch is tarah aaj bhi satati hain
Mujhe kuch is tarah aaj bhi jagaati hain

Beet gayi hain maana ke muddatein
Reh gayi kuch bhooli bisri si tareekhein
Na jaane kyun mujhe ye tadpa jaati hain
Na jaane kyun mujhe ye rula deti hain

~ UmmHashir